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What we do

Restoration projects

Restoration is our core bussines ,  Here you can see what we have done through the years. Not only complete or partley restorations but also engine and gearbox overhaul is one of our specialism. ZF manual gearboxes is our specialty wich is mainly used in Maserati. We work together with several specialists for bodywork and painting wich can garantee a perfect job to everyone’s desire.

For interior upholstery we work with one of the best upholstery shops in Holland who is also a specialist in italian exotic cars.  There craftmanship is high quality and they only work  with the best materials and under our supervision.

Through the years we have done many restoration projects of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s but also other exotic Italien automobiles like Lamborghini , Iso Rivolta and DeTomaso. Our experience gives us great depth and breadth of knowledge, which combined with our extensive availability of original parts, or reproducing new parts ,assist us in restoring cars to the highest standard.


Maintenance is also required for every classic Ferrari or Maserati and other exotic italians, and here you came to the right adress. We handle with care and we garantee perfect service from oil change to carburettor adjustments, and from electric faillures to brake problems.

Every car requires propper maintenance , and as a Ferrari and Maserati specialist we carry out servicing not only for classics but also modern Ferrari’s and Maserati’s are more than welcome. From belts replacement till engine tuning , we undertake work on all aspects of the car, including all electrical work. Solving complicated problems is a challenge for us and we seeking for a good balance in price and quality to all wishes of the customer.

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Lapré Engineering

Through our engineering experience we produce new parts. We are particulary concentrate on classic Maserati parts and ZF gearbox parts. Therefore we work together with other companys with there own specialism in materials and processes.

If there is a part you need and its hard to find a original, than making a replica is easy to say. Most of the time it turnes out hard to make for a reasonable price or only in huge amounts wich needs investment. Through the years technology and processes are changing to produce certain products faster and cheaper and where we can take advantage of. In this time there is a bigger choice in materials wich are even better than before wich is good for quality and doesn’t have to be expensive.

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What we sell


Parts these days are hard to find , especialy original parts. We have a huge stock of mostly Original parts. Through the years we  build a network of many restoration companys and part suppliers who help eachother finding the part you need. If there are no parts available we make them new in our engineering department. We just started with production of several parts.

Check it out in our webstore what we have. We have more parts than is shown on the webstore, so please feel free to ask.


From a technical background we have a clear story about the cars we know from our customers. You always have a clear and transparant story of the car we offer for sale. The cars we offer are mostly in consignment. If you search for a specific car we are glad to help you out. Please feel free to ask.

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Touring Carrozzeria Superleggera Ambassador

We are honored to announce that we are member of and ambassador for Touring Carrozzeria Superleggera. We are personal invited by Mr. Giovanni  Bianchi Anderloni and Alberto Bianchi Anderloni and we agreed a cooperation for information and documentation mostly about Maserati by Touring automobiles. Thanks to Presidente del Registro Mr. Franco Bruno Ronchi and Consiglieri Mr. Carlo Brambilla.