Let me introduce myself,

I’m Mervin Lapré, the founder and owner of Lapre Classic & Sportscars in Deventer, My career began in 1998 when I start working for a Ferrari and Porsche specialist in Apeldoorn where I lived that time.
After a few years there working as an assistant mechanic my foundation was created.
After that I started to work for one of the most famous Ferrari specialist in the Netherlands in Rheden for 8 years.
I created lots of experience both in the restoration and engineering and in particular racing abroad and all the facilities around that.
After that I start working at a good friend and Ferrari specialist in Oss and after a while he helped me over the threshold to make my ambitions a reality and I launched my own business on January 14, 2008.

I started in Deventer in a portion of an old dairy where I had a workshop which originated from hobby,
that’s how it started, after 6 months I had the opportunity to move to the Groningerstraat in Deventer, where we now have established since June 2008.
On August 2015 we have moved across the street where we realized a better facility for our restoration projects and a bigger seperate engine/gearbox room.

My passion for cars, particularly Ferrari and Maserati is ambitious and may I say it was no surprise that I eventually go in here.The restoration of classic Italian cars for me is one of the greatest things to do and to do it well, so for me the most important aspect for a good restoration, strive for originality, but also to the wishes of the customer. The wishes of the customer is our priority.

Though the years we have done many restoration projects of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s but also other exotic Italien automobiles like Lamborghini , Iso Rivolta and DeTomaso

Our experience gives us great depth and breadth of knowledge, which combined with our extensive availability of original parts, or reproducing new parts ,assist us in restoring cars to the highest standard.