Lapre Engineering is a department of Lapre Classic & Sportscars where we produce new parts.
We are particulary concentrate on classic Maserati parts and ZF gearbox parts. Therefore we work together with other companys with there own specialism in materials and processes.

If there is a part you need and its hard to find a original, than making a replica is easy to say. Most of the time it turnes out hard to make for a reasonable price or only in huge amounts wich needs investment. Through the years technology and processes are changing to produce certain products faster and cheaper and where we can take advantage of. In this time there is a bigger choice in materials wich are even better than before wich is good for quality and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Though the years we have done many restoration projects of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s but also other exotic Italien automobiles like Lamborghini , Iso Rivolta and DeTomaso
Our experience gives us great depth and breadth of knowledge, which combined with our extensive availability of original parts, or reproducing new parts ,assist us in restoring cars to the highest standard.