We have been in several magazine’s newspapers and on the internet
A opportunity to share my story with other enthousiasts and to show what our company is all about and that makes us proud.
We have a Facebook and Instagram account where you can follow us.
And we are working on a Youtube vlog in cooperation with a famous classic car vlogger.


Driving “Queen Mary “Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 1970 video made by Cinecars in 2014

and a little introduction of myself.


Iso Lele – mein tragischer Traumwagen

Article written by Axel Catton for a German newspaper Die Welt telling his story about a Iso Rivolta Lele he owns. After a long way at other restoration company’s the car ends up at our shop to finish the partly restoration and the car is currently at our shop.  (2016/2017)

” Zeldzame Maserati bijna op de wielen ” 

Article from the newspaper De Stentor about a very beautyful Maserati Sebring 2 wich we restored back in 2009

Though the years we have done many restoration projects of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s but also other exotic Italien automobiles like Lamborghini , Iso Rivolta and DeTomaso

Our experience gives us great depth and breadth of knowledge, which combined with our extensive availability of original parts, or reproducing new parts ,assist us in restoring cars to the highest standard.